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Defy the Odds in Toronto Online Dating ????

Dating sites tailored for Toronto are non existent or just suck. We’re not here to prove they don’t, we’re here to make a difference, people finding common ground, and GTA dwellers who respect others and show it. This boils down to a couple of pretty finite things that some people might find pretty hard to discuss. Who is your Mom, your Dad?

WTF what’s the difference you scream… well look at the Mother or Father of who you might date or marry and that’s exactly 90% of what to expect in 25 to 30 more years. It can be a real “yuck” moment or actually really ok. Believe me when my own Mom told me this it took those twenty years to prove her right, and wow was she ever.

The tough part is asking what kind of role model were they, and what they were not. A kid can blossom into a perfect specimen of what everyone would call “from a fine upbringing”… without actually having one. We know, you know it’s probably 80% upbringing which points us in the right, or wrong direction yet some defy the odds and end up the opposite of where you’d expect. Go figure.


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