ProudlySingle wow crossover dating comes to Toronto

Introducing Mature Crossover Dating Toronto

Toronto’s own is the newest mature singles dating website and will quickly prove its way to the best in its class in 2017. 100% Free chat & dating introductions for millennials to seniors for virtual, and then real life meetups. Whether you’re 30 or 50 you can meet adult singles for lively interactions. We stress adult for 30 somethings to seniors (55-65+ yo) because they date across those lines.

Because of it’s social activity functions, is destined to be the goto best Toronto dating network in 2017, 2018 and beyond.

User “tags” allow people to find each other without age barriers on personal tastes, likes and actual skills. Don’t discount skills as a sexy attribute to hook up because of. Some guys just like bean counters… I  dunno.

The 40-65 yo age range is really hot for women seeking men and LGBTQ identities and sexual preferences.

You see all the ads for new dating formats popping up everywhere for “Cycling, Muslim, Yoga” dating you name it. We are all that and more. Come in a get a prime match based on the criteria you define and search.

Here’s a basic map of how the user tags for dating/romance interests work. This is very limited for now, we’ll be taking surveys to add new tags and topics monthly.

User Interest Tags Member Tag Category Slug
Health / Exercise (Topic) health-exercise
— Select Cycling cycling
— Select Gym Workouts gym-workouts
— Select Outdoor Activity outdoor-activity
— Select Yoga yoga
Interests (Topic) interests
— Select Art art
— Select Blogging blogging
— Select Dancing dancing
— Select Family family
— Select Food food
— Select Friends friends
— Select Painting painting
— Select Personal Growth personal-growth
— Select Photography photography
— Select Politics politics
— Select Racing racing
— Select Reading reading
— Select Theatre theatre
— Select Travel travel
— Select Video gaming video-gaming
— Select Work / Career work-career
Things I’m Passionate About (Topic) passions
— Select Admitted Sports Junkie admitted-sports-junkie
— Select Animals animals
— Select Baking baking
— Select Cooking & Cuisine cooking-cuisine
— Select Health and Fitness health-and-fitness
— Select Learning learning-3-passions
— Select Making a Difference making-a-difference
— Select Money Management money-management
— Select Painting painting-passions
— Select Relationship Health relationship-health
— Select Shoe Crazed shoe-crazed
— Select Simplifying simplifying
— Select Volunteering volunteering
36 items

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Next up: How #hashtags work in activity feeds. (#romance #kissing #burns #calories) in a great ways !!! See you on the flip side.


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