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Articles & discourse about Toronto Dating, nightlife, dining, diversity & culture – everything to do with the single scene in the GTA.

Whether you live in Oshawa, Oakville or Don Mills you are a Torontonian and all of us face the same exciting values of living in one of the worlds most diverse and popular (read populus) cities. Face it, it’s a destination to many, but to us it’s home, hectic as hell but where else can you dine in another country without leaving town?

not your parents tango threesome-heaven-two-girls-one-guy

The waterfront and skyline including the incredible CN Tower at night is extremely romantic…. but first you have to be on a date to know that. Proudly Single is a venue for meeting other people from the area, from Cobourg to Muskoka to Caledon… it’s a small area really but densely populated with sexy mature women and men searching for love.

Signing up with a secure login for dating, tied to your Facebook, Instagram and G+ accounts is value added most people don’t recognize. Fake profiles are harder to create when your login is tied to what we call “Oauth” which is a form of dual authentication with an account that is near and important to you.

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