You think your partner, spouse BF or GF is Cheating at work or via Social Networks?

First of all you need to be in a committed relationship to be cheated on.

That’s a hard truth and it goes both ways you may think he or she has laid bare the fact that you’re soul mates. Have you?

Signs of infidelity

Don’t go looking around the web for sites that allow you to search and turn in cheaters anonymously and list in their search engine sensitive personal data.

Those indexing everything including emails, phone, pictures and God knows what else like Tatoo’s and eating habits.

That kind of thing should be taken care of by a private investigator if you yourself want to stay out of trouble. If you find out he or she is not being monogamous (practicing infidelity) you’d be well advised to leave the relationship without fanfare.

Drop the boyfriend or girlfriend like a rock. If you’re living together, just leave which you may think is complicated but it will hurt less not dragging it out. If you are married, and find common ground with your husband or wife somehow, don’t avoid getting counseling.

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